Global Optimum can supply consultancy, R&D and application development services in a variety of different software technologies. These range from simple websites to advanced software applications which use techniques such as Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We work within a wide range of business sectors.

Some examples include;

What combinations of goods can I load into this container? How do I configure this product to meet my customer’s requirements? Does my design satisfy the regulations? These can be very difficult and time consuming questions to answer. In many cases, the right software can make
these tasks routine. The right tools can also help to identify important cost savings.


Online Retail and e-Commerce

We have helped a range of clients in developing an online retail presence. Global Optimum has also developed an advanced search tool for the wine industry. Casemixer® helps customers purchase mixed cases of wine – in fact we have helped thousands of customers search for bespoke cases to match their budgets. For more information visit Casemixer®

Container ShipTransport and Logistics
In a world of highly volatile fuel prices the costs involved in transporting goods around the world are a major concern. Efficient routing and use of transportation vehicles can have a significant impact on the bottom line of your operation. Better use of resources also has a significant environmental impact. Our expertise in this area can help you streamline this part of your business.



We can provide consultancy services to clients. These incudes research projects and feasibility studies . For example, you may be wondering “How can deep learning and AI help my business?“.  Global Optimum offers a cost effective route to answering questions like this, helping you to make informed decisions about to more significant projects.

Global Optimum also provides SEO and internet search services to clients.

Our expertise and experience is by no means restricted to these areas. It can be applied to many different domains. Please contact us to see if we can help your business.